Exercises for slimming the legs

Exercises for slimming the acheter Anavar legs

Unlike many other weight loss exercises, leg exercises have their own usefulness. Not so much because localized weight loss exists, unfortunately, it is not that if you do your abs you lose weight in your belly, while if you do your inner thigh you lose weight in that area. The reason that weight loss exercises can make sense is that they simply can have a high energy expenditure. The more the workout increases the consumption of calories, the more we lose weight, even in the areas of stubborn fat. The lower limbs represent 50% of our muscles, training them has a significant metabolic impact on our body.

Leg exercises such as doing

One of the mistakes that can be commented, when we want to do the exercises for weight loss, is to focus on body weight or elastic exercises, high repetitions and low load. These exercises if they use bodyweight such as air squats, lunges,В  burpees, Bulgarian lunges, are fine. If instead, we talk about exercises for the inner/outer thigh or quadrupeds, we are actually using little energy and instead of focusing on large muscle masses, we use small muscles, which increase the perceived fatigue, but actually consume fewer calories.

There is thus the possibility of choice when we want to perform leg exercises, whether to focus on deadlifts, step-ups, squats, leg presses, hip thrust, etc. or on simpler, less tiring, but much less effective exercises.

It is important both to engage the muscles intensely and to raise the heart rate, perhaps using supererie, EMOM, EDT and other techniques that increase the working density.

Exercise program for the legs

In this paragraph, we will see two types of work on the legs. The first is a typical work on lean mass, with medium-high loads, the second instead is a metabolic work useful both to work at a muscular level but also metabolic.

Muscle work on the legs

Squat 4 × 8 rec2 

Leg press 2 × 10 rec

Lunges 2 × 15 rec

We have the first exercise with more load, fewer repetitions, and higher recoveries. The next two go to scale the intensity in favor of metabolic stress.

Metabolic work on the legs

EMOM 12  Step up (getting on a bench) 6 reps per leg per minute

Superseries: Air squat (15 reps), sumo deadlift (10 reps) rec 13 series

In this case, in the first exercise, we go up on a hail doing 6 + 6 repetitions per minute for 12 ‘, the time left to conclude the series we use it as rec. If easy we can use two small dumbbells to increase weight, or we can increase repetitions.

We then have two exercises to perform in a row with a recovery between sets of 1 ‘. In this way, the metabolic work on the legs is very high and training.

Slim your legs

The localized fat in the legs has fewer receptors than in the abdomen. On the one hand, it has a less important inflammatory action on an organic level, on the other hand, however, localized weight loss in the legs is sometimes more difficult. The solution, as for the exercises to lose weight in the belly, is mainly dependent on aВ  low-calorie diet. It is utopian to think that exercises are enough to lose weight in the thighs/legs. Only a caloric deficit protracted over time can lead to real results. We can combine this with the right exercises, knowing that they will help in the weight loss process. But remember that, unfortunately, the diet is the master.